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Bernard Feintuch, Partner



Bernard Feintuch is a graduate of Osgood Hall Law School and has practised law in Ontario for over 40 years. Prior to starting his own private practice, Bernard started the law firm of Feintuch, Balitsky and Alter with two partners from 1975 to 1991, specializing in real estate development and corporate and commercial matters. Bernard then went into private practice and continues to specialize in real estate development, corporate law, and commercial law.

Additionally, Bernard has assisted developers and homeowners in obtaining private and conventional financing for first, second, and third mortgages. Bernard has arranged private financing for amounts ranging from $50,000 to many millions of dollars. He uses his knowledge and expertise in mortgage law to help facilitate a smooth closing of the mortgage transaction and thinks creatively to arrange mortgages that satisfy the needs of both borrower and lender.



David focuses his practice on commercial and residential real estate law. Mr. Feintuch received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Maryland School of Law and was called to the Maryland bar in 2013. He is licensed to practice in the Province of Ontario and the State of Maryland.

David has facilitated many land developments from start to finish, purchase and sales of commercial and residential real estate properties, mortgages and power of sales, and condominium registrations. He also represents clients on  commercial leases, corporate matters and joint venture agreements.

Additionally, Mr. Feintuch assists residential and commercial property owners to obtain private mortgage financing. He arranges first and second mortgages to finance property purchases, refinance existing mortgages, and for equity take out purposes.   

David Feintuch, Partner